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What is Craft Beer?

Simply put, craft beer is a beer that is not brewed by one of the big "mega-brewery" corporations. More often than not, when the phrase craft beer is used, this is what it means. However, it is a rather imprecise thing to define something by what it is not, so let's take it a bit further.
The Brewer's Association in Boulder, Colorado defines 'craft beer' as beer made by a brewer that is small, independent, and traditional.

Basic grouping

Fruit & Mix
Produced by fruits being soaked in Wort (Beer before yeast is added), then adding fruit juice to the finished product, giving it a refreshing flavor. The aroma of the fruit adds to the original beer fragrance. We have a wide variety of fruity beer flavors ranging from Apple, Peach, Strawberry, Pear, Raspberry, and many more. Enjoyable for both beer and non-beer drinkers.


Lager, Ale & Pilsner

Lager refers to a "bottom fermented beer", which goes through a low-temperature maturation process, giving it that refined bitterness and smooth flavor. Pilsner is a type of Lager, and it is usually used by major beer production companies in Japan. The fragrance of the Hops, the refined bitterness, the refreshing feeling, together with the smoothness of the flavor, is its greatness.
Ale refers to a "top fermented" beer, which goes through a short-term maturation process in normal temperature, giving it a sweet flavor which comes from the malt. Less foam is Ale's most enjoyable point.


White & Wheat
A kind of beer produced by mixing Barley and Wheat, giving it it's light-color, good foaming, and refreshing sourness. Not filtering the beer yeast does not strip the drink from the fiber, vitamin B, and other natural goodness of the beer, which is the reason for its popularity with women!


Dark & Strong

Beer made by a malt with ignition roasting and they are normally in dark color like black or dark brown. The soft fine foam with the smooth drinking and less bitterness gives an unexpected image comparing to its dark color. The flavor being similar to coffee is also part of its charm.

Pale Ale & IPA
The first drink you want when you go to a bar is Pale Ale! The fragrance of the Hop and the flavor of the Malt that's stronger than the Pilsner but, still has the light drinking that makes it easy to drink.
IPA's feature is the strong fragrance of the hop and bitterness. This feature of IPA comes from the old time in the UK durning transporting the beer to India, using a large amount of Hop to make sure the beer won't go bad. A lot of them has a citrus fragrance.


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